Writing services

Our writing services include research proposals, MSc. theses, Part II and PhD. dissertations, book chapters, grant proposals, curriculum vitae, lecture notes, essays, conference presentations and any medical document you may be inclined to write.


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Editing services

One of the services we offer at Keidicube Editing Solutions is editing. Our default language in British English; however, we work according to your writing guidelines and formatting specifications. We will run through your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb to eliminate errors. Paraphrasing sections of your research work can also be done to reduce the chances of your manuscript being flagged for plagiarism.

Plagiarism check

It is essential to respect intellectual property and at Keidicube Editing Solutions, we discourage academic theft. Our plagiarism check affords you the ability to evaluate your writing and make necessary changes to ensure you do not copy verbatim from your sources of information.

Statistical analysis

We can also help you analyse the data you have obtained from the field. Our default statistical software are Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)® and EpiInfo. The results obtained can be condensed into relevant tables, charts, or graphics; afterall, a picture does tell a thousand words!

Student Testimonials

“Keidicube’s services are the best! They are customer friendly and really helped me shave hours of time off my research work. I would like them to look into delivering faster without charging for express services sha but all in all, I was happy to have them assist me with my research.” – Dr S.



“Salam. Thanks a lot, Dr. Khadija. I really appreciate your input. I look forward to doing more research work with you…” – Dr Y.



“Thank you very much, I’m very impressed KD. The issues are addressed. Thanks a lot! – Dr N.”





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